Cheongsam, graceful, gentle flavor is best reflected christian louboutin discount sale the Chinese woman costume. In the exotic style-beautiful modern times, there are always girls, dress also had a deep complex. Just put away, smiles are born fai has just hit the love in a fallen city, create awareness of Zhang Ai-ling's era, who dressed in a qipao flickering scene flows the wave turned to women, are deeply immersed in the old charm. Sitting in the play's interpretation, is nothing more than the following: dignified and gentle white tassels, delicate and sweet Bao-Luo, rich enchanting little Auntie ... ... Dress fabrics, as well as hair and makeup, play a role in determining the overall style. Passage of time, we decorate this style today obviously cannot be copied from the play, the United States although the United States, fear that outdated. Perfect combination of classics and fashion can stand out de Yi fang's new series of custom dress, fabric and patterns and more fashionable elements: Plaid, newspapers, lace ... ... Even fashion people are also out of temptation. Stylist makeup may be sufficient to design modern, cool, calm, indifferent ... ... Expression blend more times, for classical garb and make new interpretations of styling supports: West image of your commune

Liu Xiaoyao 2008 new thinking model competition top ten black flowers bloom on the qipao in China, like Fireworks, colorful, show the bustling night on dark corners, black eyeliner eyeliner painted texture, and eyeliner is also coated with black eyeliner under outer eye corner. Fog-like smear black eyeshadow small areas, with clothes color concentration can be pale. Reveal the beauties with thick lashes, lip plump sexy in red meat. Cheongsam pattern of newspaper style, both fresh and clean and stylish fully clean harmonizes, simple eyes, simply use mascara to highlight the eyes all day long. Eyebrow tail stretching out classical flavor. Light lip gloss, stressed that water run short hair cleanly deal over your ear, a natural curvature of the tail looks cute and lovely. We can see the old woman is elegant, alert and can see a modern girl classical cuts, breaking the conventional structure, subtle temptation to become a directly sexy so bright and cold but special. Egypt-Cleopatra makeup combined Chinese qipao, the temptation to give people a cold so you think you can. A strong visual impact, was enriched by people go over your eyes, eyes on Earth 1 centimeter, eyebrow enhancement, nose in profile, enhance the icing on the cake. Adding elements of white eyeshadow to lipstick, manufacturing ice cold hair suggested qishuashua black hair, mysterious and sexy at Baiji before marriage, lifted the fat secret